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Below you will find three links-"The project" an overview of some of the things the lead artist has been getting up to with a short message. and some of the research.

Please read the project page below as it contains some insights into the project. All other relevant info can be found on this website or send us a email on the button below.

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Submissions / application". You can use this to enquire about the project.

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Theses pages are under constant construction.

Our Story

“We intend to explore the Hidden Response, that is to examine the reaction of the brain through EEG and BCI technologies. exploring the possibilities of genetic disposition in Art, exploring entrainment, pareidolia and other phenomena, this will be achieved both in a gallery and a fringe setting.”



For scientists who study learning and human development, this state of affairs is frustrating, for their work tells us a great deal about how immersive and sustained participation in making art alters neuro-structuring in the human brain. Thus, grand claims about broad outcomes from the arts can be there only because any foundation these claims have rests in the small bits, the moment-by-moment repeated practices of looking, listening, shaping, sketching, moving, and imagining. (“The Promises of Learning on Our Own Time (and In ... - Tate”) accessed 17/03/22



Hello, I’m John Baldwin I have a neurological condition and I am the lead Artist and creative director on the hidden response project.


I experiment and react sometimes through materials themselves or an experience, a moment in time, always trying to capture a part of the now, considering the elements of each piece which may include psychological or neurological considerations. I try to project an emotion into those works resulting in film, sound, sculpture, or interactive art pieces. I also paint in oils, an interdisciplinary artist some might say, technologies are of particular interest to me.

I explore the feeling of art both in the action and the consideration of process.




Works within the pata-physical tradition tends to focus on the processes of their creation, and elements of chance or arbitrary choices are frequently key in those processes). (“Unencumbered By the Thought Process | Thinking Is Harder ...”)

 Working whilst my body sometimes works against me.

 I enjoy the distraction however I do consider that it can influence my feeling towards a piece and possibly the reaction to it. Is this somehow contained?   


My current circumstances are, I work from a home studio creating work to exhibit as well as private commissions my successes include, from the most recent, a DYCP (developing your creative practice) award from ACE (Arts Council England). I was a wild card on landscape artist of the year aired Sky Arts 2022 as well as inclusion in several prestigious Art galleries and NPO’s both in the UK and overseas. Including the Tate Liverpool and Hamburg Altonale

I have only had one solo exhibition to date. Near my hometown in Barnstaple not a sell-out however some of my work found a new home.


I am looking to find collaborators and Help in my pursuit for a new paradigm.

In exploring the medium of new technology and the effects of art upon the brain and the creation of new works and collaborations.


I intend to use any support you might be able to award towards the development of the project this could be in services-printing etc even possible studio space or short residences. Gallery spaces- Although these will need to be wheelchair accessible. 


With your help.


This project will give myself and others new skills and insights into our artistic processes and our spectators of art. It has research potential from neurological advancement, passive cognitive processing to medical advancement. Not our department I hasten to say. 

We are the artists; we would like to create.


Mae Jemison said,

‘The difference between science and the arts is not that they are different sides of the coin… or even different parts of the same continuum, but rather, they are manifestations of the same thing.  The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity.’ (“openSTEAM – Dedicated to making STEAM education open for all.”)


 Mae Jemison, Ted Talks,, accessed 17/03/2022.


Through shared exhibitions , it will feed into future projects I have planned, such as a mobile studio and data retrieval project, workshops, and talks. Including some exciting new art. We are building a collaborative team of professionals in both the fields of art and science who we can share learning ideas and scope out work for future projects.


I already have an extensive body of work to draw upon with this project but so far

have not had the provision of specialist equipment, with the proud support of ACE my

understanding of how to apply these new technologies to my art is coming to fruition Learning from other artists and experts in the field of neurology will have a significant impact on my practice and the way we might understand Art and the Brain, An epistemological and creative journey.


With the funding I have achieved, we are in the process of purchasing the equipment to furnish two artists, myself, John Baldwin, and fellow collaborators and fellow conspirators.


I don’t know where this project might lead. That is to say, ‘we have the journey planned but I don’t know the destination.”

We hope you may help and would be happy to include you in our list of sponsors.


The best regards.


John Baldwin aka Cracked painter

Creative director, Artist, and Joint Curator.

A contemporary and conceptual approach.

our ethos

Our aim is to start a collective of positivity within a community our stories are varied coming from different backgrounds with different strengths and practices.


Finding studio spaces for any artist is difficult however should one be disabled there are little sometimes even no available options other than that of prescription art programs .We propose to create a studio space that would,


  • Create programs with local communities in mind. This would include liaising with existing art groups in the north Devon area as far as Plymouth and beyond.

  • Be inclusive and accessible for all.

  • To regenerate community spirit by organizing events, open days and demonstrations.

  • To give an accessible space for disabled /abled artists to work and develop their practice. Working along side 

  • Offer students the opportunity to gain experience in a working and professional studio.

Meet The Team, so far.

Our Clients

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