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Below you will find three links-"The project" an overview of some of the things the lead artist has been getting up to with a short message. and some of the research.

Please read the project page below as it contains some insights into the project. All other relevant info can be found on this website or send us a email on the button below.

12PM- midday-

NO More Time!

Submissions / application". You can use this to enquire about the project.

 Click above for download .

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Call Out. 

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


You are invited to submit work in any medium to respond to the title.






We are going to analyze your Art and the response to your art using brain-controlled interface called BCI and electroencephalogram (EEG) technology.

We want your response to the hidden response for us, to explore The Hidden response to your conscious response. The offer to participate and join in with us could offer you fresh insights into your art and help us with our research.



Work should not exceed 2m in height, and 2m in width (including sculpture) all submissions must be accompanied with 3 images not exceeding 3mb in total.



We want to give you time to think about it, so call out starts

on 22/03/22 11am.

Deadline is 31/05/22.

12 midnight.




We want you to think and put thought into your submission, a piece of work that really means something to you. And fits the brief. No older than two years. This way it will be possible for some of you to complete those more personal works.




Should You be chosen by the curatorial team we would like to invite You to join us. So please make sure we have your email. - there will be a fee for Entry of Ten Pounds. £10.00 Per artwork. This is only payable on acceptance.

And will furnish a Preview evening for Artists and invited guests alongside a £1 donation to a local charity which is Action for children.




Might you be short of fees please contact our curatorial team as there is a small number of free places included in our contingency. This is on a first come first offerbasis only and whilst we would like this to be unlimited sadly, we must consider budget.




As alike to many teams of artists and individual galleries the artist will assume full responsibility for delivery and collection of work. should the work not be collected after the end date of Any/all exhibitions. Proceeds of its sale will go to a charity at the organiser’s desecration.




Whilst every effort will and is made to safeguard personal details. the contractors/curators and its affiliates take no responsibilities beyond their own remits and precautionary measures to protect individuals’ data.




Framing is not compulsory however works with consideration to placement, presentation and audience consideration will be looked upon favourably. Should your work need special consideration we will do our best to accommodate.




Due to the nature of the project all artists chosen to participate will be asked to sign a non- disclosure agreement.

Details will be supplied to participating artists.

Commission on work will be taken at 20%.

This money will be reinvested into future projects less costs

All work created by the artists is protected intellectually and by copyright/and this will be by either the country in which the exhibitions reside and/or that of the artists origin/residence. All research to this aspect is expected to be done by the submitting artist.(Individual) & (Group).




All artists should be aware that with supplied images that we use for advertising and for promotional purposes and by entering our call out, it is taken as given the normal and necessary permissions for this will apply.

Any problems drop us a line.


Should there be a legitimate reason in the eyes of the curatorial team. Allowances can be made. To extend times but not long days, we are not monsters. Nor are we spring chickens.

And the Lead Artist needs all the beauty sleep he can get.

Click the apply button to download application/expression of interest file in word document.

Easy read document.





I know how tough it can be, so I have attempted to make this as accessible as possible. Should you need any help please get in touch and someone on our team will be sure to help.



This is very Experimental. We have the journey planned however we don’t know the destination.

We would like to use art to examine the brain and examine the brain using the arts and technology.



We are examining how your brain reacts to art both inside and outside a gallery environment. This gives those the opportunity to explore no matter the circumstances.



The idea for the exhibition is to first collect data from visitors to the gallery that you’ll be showing your work, in using the electroencephalogram (EEG). Which is something much like a bike helmet.

The opportunities are this.

We Call out to artists to create. Then those artists exhibit and we will explore both hidden responses.




So that we can examine how you responded to our project so that we can look at your conscious response to our Hidden Response. Then monitor the visitors unconscious Hidden Response.


Can you create a piece of work that might stimulate a certain part of the brain? How? Where will you start? Everyone is welcome initial stages are free and spaces are available for any artists, any style, any age, any level.


Would your gallery be interested in offering booked exhibition holders the opportunity to see how their work is experienced by the viewer of their work? With a possible collaborative aspect.


Looking at art from a disability perspective and an art historical prospective the benefits of the acts of creation

To Aid mental health and general wellbeing.

Click the Word Doc button to download application/expression of interest file in word document.

Click the pdf button to download document expression of interest open call.

_A shallow stone hole made in mortar and stone there seems to be a hidden element of space .

Summing it up.

No wrong answers, if writing is your thing write, if it’s psychological, musical, visual we would like you to respond to the title “the hidden response” it’s a two-part submission…all those chosen will learn the next phase of the project. In June . 

If you read the titles in red down the centre of the page above (call out) and then the left titles on the second piece of writing Also in red….in the writing above, Ignoring the white text through it all, we hid something, it reads…


Come and see








You get the idea; you can scroll up, scroll down if viewing on a mobile device, and have another look if you missed it.

The Project is called The Hidden Response, there are a lot of things hidden in all art forms. 

Hidden Maybe in our project by you.



I can tell you we will be visiting some artists and outsider artists to use the equipment to scan brains….whilst talking about their art and during creative processes.

get in touch.

There is a link that redirects you to an application form. however if you have another idea to put your expression of interest together. we would like you to contact us below. its all about the access. ( button above centred mid page for link to application)

get in touch with the button below.

Thanks for submitting!

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