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manipulated Ink on rycycled paper


The mission is to create an exhibition environment that will assess how art is seen and the potential of the technology to create new work. A project that is both conceptual and contemporary.

  • Recording brain patterns of myself and fellow artists both trained and untrained. 

  • Invite scientists and professionals alike to explore this ever changing exciting field of the neuroaesethics.

  • Invite viewers of art to experience it in a new way.


"Neuroaesethics" was coined by Semir Zeki in 1999 and formed its formal definition in 2002 as the scientific study of a work of art. By using neuroscience to study and explain the aesethic experience to art.

We are the artists exploring the possibilities of pre-genetic disposition, entrainment, pareidolia and other physiological and neurological phenomena.

Using BCI and EEG system, a computer based technology that allows us to record , decode and interpret signals from the brain.


Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to form change in synaptic connections within the Neuron pathways creating new connections between areas of the brain especially after experience or trauma.

However this does also occurs during learning of a new skill. Such as art.

Evidence shows that the benefits enhances brain function and has impact on the brain waves, emotion and the nervous system.

Art also raises serotonin levels this is not only during creation but also through observation having a marked improvement on wellness.

we are exploring to see where the creative research and neuroscience might lead. 

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