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Below you will find three links-"The project" an overview of some of the things the lead artist has been getting up to with a short message. and some of the research.

Please read the project page below as it contains some insights into the project. All other relevant info can be found on website or send us a email on the button below.

12PM- midday-

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Submissions / application". You can use this to enquire about the project.

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 it's been a work in progress

Works that have been completed during my research, application, and eventual success in funding. I have been exploring the unreality of the brain. Exploring the optical and neuro-qualities of my passion. Using Photography, Oil painting and Sculpture and using the “ready-made” along with the experience of the art being part of my every day. I have chosen a couple of older works to tease you to visit.

“We know the journey, but not the destination"

Hopefully they may inspire you to create.

Hidden Response 2021-22 .

Medium- sculpture in fine plaster

Dimensions 13cm x 16cm x 8cm 

 (Pyramid with faces)

Description-A face looks back to the viewer from a triangle of white.


A work in progress for the project.

A porcelain dolls head sat in front of a plain background. the eyes of the dolls head are covered.
faces  contained inside  pyramids 13cm in height 16cm at the widest plane and and  8cm in depth.

Description -three faces looks back to the viewer from a triangle of white.

did that one just move ?

Check out the video, hover over the picture above and click play.

Hidden Response 2021-22 .


Dimensions 13cm x 16cm x 8cm approx.

a relief mould of a discarded dolls head.

You may recognise these three from the teasers sent on social media such as insta, Facebook, twitter etc

before the callout for participation.

sand cast dolls head.
artist redition of neuroplasticty.

ink brain.

Artist interpretation of neuroplasticity


by J.Baldwin

An experimental in ink. on recycled paper made from coffee cups 

An experimental piece in ink created during a Beta test for Stuart Semple Blackest Black ink, on recycled paper made from coffee cups.

A distraction piece that I enjoyed. "I love the title"

Brain links -

(BLinks is a copyrighted title owned by Stuart Semple) 

The button above links to crackedpainter's digital portfolio. 

 Nine skulls completed 2020 on a background of shadows of both lights and darks. The skull is black and there is a difficulty in focusing on any one contained element. It is as if the skulls appear to move as your eyes move across the image in many directions.

9 Skulls-completed 2020 on a background of shadows of both lights and darks. The skull is black and there is a difficulty in focusing on any one contained element. It is as if  the skulls appear to move as your eyes move across the work in many directions preliminary experiment for the completed piece, Death, and Taxes. This image was a  Completely digital image.

Medium Oil Painting and collage of a crashing wave carrying two plastic bottles into shore by John Baldwin aka cracked painter. Size 91cm x 61cm approx.

After Greta - 2018-2019

Medium-oil painting on stretched canvas and collage.

By John Baldwin aka Cracked painter.

Size 91cm x 61cm approx.



The bottles were actually cut and stuck to the oil painting.

To the eye they look painted its not until closer inspection it becomes clear.

My Solo exhibition was called, "A Different way of seeing- Part 1",

2019/20 @ 21 Joy Street, Barnstaple. North Devon. UK.

Alt – Musical chairs sit in a gallery environment between them there is a box containing records. what appears to be a Musical stand between them containing paperwork upon closer inspection it can be noted that the chairs appear to play music from a mounted gramophone beneath the seat.

Not the first piece of work which included music, 

intentions were to create a piece of work using music and combining disability elements. Recordings of journeys and recordings from the wheelchair and then create a film to promote positivity and equality. The film was created however upon reflection abandoned as too similar to a previous work. by applying the elements of sound and the visual with experience, the created pieces became far removed from its synthesis. This led to cracked painter creating a more tactile object that was interactive and inclusive

PS if you want to ride in his wheelchair ask first. 

And no, he won’t look after your handbag or coat.

Pour les enfant .or for the children .close up of two faces of five supported by wire above a plaster base cast from plastic bottle lids.enviromental piece about climate change

Pour les Enfants

(For the children) (green with copper faces)

Medium – sculpture 

-fine plaster ,wire and enamel.

Dimensions 41cm x 27cm x 27cm approx.

Weight 3kg




The sculpture Says,


“They watch turning their heads above a sea of Green but not moving in the real sense of the word our minds trick us or, is it we who are  tricking , no it must be they. They move and turn all the same, retracing with delicate steps only subtle in their development to understand the question of their own reality of what they perceive.

Past and by they move towards us that gaze upon them. Their own displacement becoming ever more from, the physical to the allegorical, it is a hidden story, it adds to and detracts in the duality of its own existence. From the three theoretical theories of art –formalism -instrumentalism-emotionalism that outline context and expression of an example of the cultural aesthetic, questioning our existential existence, we are seen and unseen.”

 "Pour l' Enfant.”

we do our best.

Good news ! and still lots going on! and yes still Hidden!

So to all... If you  want to finish your art and get your submission to us. YOU CAN!

We have had some email enquiries asking for more TIME. There is no more time.

BUT we have said on this very site. We are not Monsters.....There has also been some confusion to how to submit to THE HIDDEN RESPONSE. We LOVE that its so Popular and we hope that we have addressed the issues raised.  

If you forgot, if life got in the way, you still have time to either improve your submission or get it to us.

DON'T Forget midday ( 12pm ) 01/07/22. and remember the connections have changed contact the hidden response team @

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