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in association with North Devon arts.


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Bringing  a change to the visual. The Joy of Art Street!

An opportunity to be part of an ongoing exhibition space, displaying your work in a prime location in the beautiful and historic town of Barnstaple, Devon.

 In association with North Devon arts.


just the beginning.

Hi everyone, John Baldwin- AKA Cracked Painter… when I was asked about the window and its meaning, it’s about Repurposing -Regeneration and it’s about Art.

 It’s also about abandoned spaces being filled and showcasing the talents of local artists. It’s many things obvious and some not so. 

I wanted to bring positivity and create interest in our local talented artists. 

We know art helps to revitalize the area, create a sense of pride among residents, and attract visitors who are interested in seeing unique and creative artwork and many artists talk of the wellbeing effects of art.

Additionally, by giving local artists a platform to display their work, it can help to support and promote the arts in the community and overall bring new generations into the fore. It has been proven that a regenerative approach to abandoned spaces can be a win-win for everyone involved.


I would like to thank all those that have been involved with the project’s beginnings…and with no further ado.

 Dear [Artists],


We are thrilled to invite you to exhibit your artwork in an exciting opportunity to showcase local artists in the unusual space of Joy Street. This repurposed and revitalized area is a unique opportunity to display your artwork in a creative and inspiring way.


Our focus was and is on, repurposing abandoned spaces with art in order to invigorate and re-energize the surrounding community. We believe that by showcasing the talents of local artists, we can attract interest and attention to this area, which will only add to this vibrant and dynamic community.”


We would love you to be part of this exhibition, which will feature a diverse range of art forms and styles. This is an opportunity to showcase your work in a space that is both unusual and inspiring, and to be a part of a growing movement to revitalize our local towns and villages.

With only a 10% Commission on sales it’s an opportunity that is too good to miss.


To have an opportunity to exhibit in this large yet thin window.


•       Please supply 200words about you and your work ,with links to social media or your website if you have one and by sending your EOI to (please select the link) 

Button to email North Devon Arts.


SUPPLY  three - ten images of your work. for full details see website.

We are welcoming collectives and Co-ops so please tell your friends collaborate with strangers but most of all let’s make some art.

for all details click the link above.



Best regards,



Aka Cracked painter.

Artistic Director of The Hidden Response.

Meet The first of many Artists.
Chloe Davies.

Image 17-04-2023 at 23.03.jpg
Image 17-04-2023 at 22.53.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 18.08.17.png

image supplied by Chloe Davies

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